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Buying your board

Buying your board The moment you have been waiting for, getting a shinning new stick! Consider your budget and also the standard you are at. Try not to buy a softboard as a beginner as you will out-grow it very quickly. Spend some time on a softboard and get comfortable making turns, taking long rides before you consider buying anything. Also remember to try different boards before you buy, if possible! Think about this; you need

Paddling beyond the white water

Paddling beyond the white water When you get comfortable riding and making some directional changes choose a day, when the conditions allow for paddling out to an area where you can catch unbroken waves. This can be done on a foam board for the first time, or a suitable custom board that you have practised on. For the first paddle out you should look for clean one to two foot conditions. Anything bigger and it will

The Take Off and Pop Up

The Take Off and Pop Up It takes time to understand the timing of waves so be patient, observe, and feel the rhythms. Position yourself towards the beach in preparation for a take off, making sure that no one is in your line of riding. Get used to looking over your shoulder for a wave and paddling in anticipation as the wave approaches a point about four to five metres behind you. As you develop you

Paddling and Trim

Paddling and Trim Paddling out should only be attempted with the right conditions as a novice, simply because it is not possible until you get sufficient experience handling the board in white water first. In the very beginning stick to waist depth of water and get used to catching broken waves prone. I.e. lying down in a trim position on the board, that is to say in balance and in full control, making directional changes. Trim is

Getting the right wetsuit

Wetsuits In this country wetsuits are pretty much a necessity. If you stay warm in the water you will be a lot more comfortable and hence able to perform and coordinate your movement’s at the most efficient level for longer periods of time. Wetsuits are made from neoprene and nylon, sometimes even mixed with rubber in some areas, designed either to protect from wear, or to repel water which cools the exterior of a suit taking important

Board Care

B tter Board Care Look after your stick and never leave it lying around in the sun, for grommets to grovel on, or in the car on a hot day. Heat and direct sunlight will attack the foam’s molecules, weakening it, even delaminating in extreme cases. Remember that none of us ever stop learning no matter what level we are at or what equipment we choose. Surfing is a lifelong progression, not just for Christmas! Enjoy the