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People are dedicated to sports all over the world, either as a hobby, career or a fitness regime. The sports industry is huge and can generate billions of pounds/dollars across the globe. Here we have the most popular sports.


Golf has an estimated 450 million fans worldwide, with its primary influence in Australia, Europe and North America. There are a variety of different clubs available to hit a ball across a course and in the hole whilst using the fewest hits possible.

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Basketball has an estimated 800 million fans worldwide and its biggest influence from the United States. This sport was created as an alternative to football as the sport could be played indoors and the likelihood of causing fewer accidents.

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Basketball courts across the globe


Cricket has an estimated 2 billion fans with a huge influence from the United Kingdom. The sport has two teams of approx 11 players. The two teams compete against each other to score the most runs. This sport is also popular in India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan.


With over a million players worldwide, Airsoft is a great option for those that love playing with replica guns. Airsoft is a completely different experience compared to other sports as players will often find themselves in tense situations throughout a weekend of skirmishes. Players must be able to constantly adapt to the changing environment.

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Football (soccer) is the most popular sport in the world with over four billion fans. The sport is characterised into two teams of 11 with two goals. The aim is to score the ball into the goal, whilst tackling the opposing team.

Take a look at this article: Mauricio Pochettino claims Wembley is ‘the best place in the world to play football’

Football is the most popular sport in the world